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Are You Ready to Buy a Home?


Purchasing a first home is a major milestone in life — but the process of obtaining a mortgage can feel a little bit overwhelming. The various paperwork, requirements, and fees alone can be complex and confusing, particularly the first time you deal with them.

The first step is to determine you are ready, both financially and mentally, to take on the responsibility of homeownership. Once you’re confident in that regard, the next steps are to examine and evaluate each of the loan options available so you’re sure to get the best rates and terms possible.


How Large of a Mortgage Can I Afford?



Your total loan amount is largely dependent on your current financial status, including your gross income, existing debt, and the type of loan program you select. As a general rule, most loan programs require that your total mortgage payment (including your property taxes and insurance, and, if applicable, mortgage insurance and/or monthly association dues) and existing monthly debt obligations comprise no more than 45%-55% of your gross monthly income. A Total Mortgage Lending  expert will work closely with you to determine a housing price that you can afford.


Can I use Gift funds or down payment assistance?


Gift Funds can be used to assist in your purchase. The funds that are being gifted to you must be sourced and seasoned, We will clarify and speak with you in reference to the guidelines in which the gift funds may be used.


Down Payment Assistance may be used to aid in you in Paying for your Down Payment and or Closing Costs. There are different forms of Down Payment Assistance. Some Assistance come in the form of Grants and some in the form of Loans. Please be sure to ask which form of assistance that you may qualify for if any. Qualification for Assistance may depend on Income, Size of Household, Location of the Property, Availability of Funds and or all of the Mentioned.




Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage


Once you feel secure about your financial and or mental readiness, the next step is to get Pre-Approved with Total Mortgage  or Pre-Qualified for a mortgage loan. You can begin the Pre-Approval process online or speak with a loan officer to get a customized quote. This will show you how much you might be able to afford and give you an estimate of your monthly payments.



Getting Pre-Approved is a fairly simple process that requires credit verification and income verification, but does not require a full underwriting process. Once you are Pre-Approved, you will receive a Total Mortgage Pre-Approval letter to present to home sellers as a measure of good faith.

Single family

Contact us for your one on one consultation of your home purchase or refinance. We want to make sure you understand the home buying  or refinance process and answer any questions so that you are comfortable making your purchase or utilizing equity that you may have in your home.


Let us help you with your financing needs to your next investment property. We have many Niche Products and Options that will get you the piece of mind that you need to focus on your next project. DSCR and Bank Statement Programs are available. Fix and Flip Available and More.


Let us help you with your commercial or hard money needs. Call or email us today to discuss your needs.